Sunday, March 29, 2015

The 8 Day Bug Challenge! - Day 3 Caterpillar

It should be noted at this point that this challenge was also inspired by the boys book "How to draw Brilliant Bugs" by Lisa Regan and Steve Roberts which we found on a rare occasion of tidying their bedroom. Jonah (7), who likes to do things just right has insisted we start at the start and do a page a day. On Friday night Hugo's friend Apira stayed overnight and happily joined in the morning activity. The kids are great to draw with because unlike me who is agonising about getting it "right", the boys draw with total freedom and confidence. Hugo and Apira were so disinterested in the instructions that they turned their noses up at drawing the ladybugs but excitedly drew caterpillars. And no...they did not need to look at the book...they knew perfectly well what caterpillars look like!

Friday, March 27, 2015

The 8 day Bug Challenge! - Day 2 Ladybug

The 8 day Bug Challenge! - Day 1 Snail

Don't get all excited you avid bloggers! Outside our house (as far as I know!) there is no such thing as the bug challenge. Hugo (5) and Jonah (7) are counting the days till they see their Dad and they are thinking of fun things to do to make the time go quickly. Today the Bug Challenge began! So if you are afraid of creepy crawlies beware!!!