Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Halloween Picture Tag with J & H

Any excuse for a party in our house and while Halloween is not really an Australian tradition it does involves our two favourite things - dressing up AND cooking mad food. So, it is celebrated with great gusto. As usual the level of excitement is in the extreme!! It's all the boys will talk about from morning till night. Yesterday, for some unknown reason we ready for school EARLY (I hear you all gasp! Noooo!) So, I was roped into a game of Halloween Picture Tag. This morning, Jonah (10) was making a template for himself and Hugo (7) to design their Halloween costumes on. By the time Halloween comes around Hugo will have changed his mind 60 times about his costume and Jonah will still be be deciding whether he should be dressing up. 
In the meantime... I am off to make cockroach jelly!!!