Saturday, July 25, 2020

SALA 2020

Blessed to be working with such an inspiring group of young artists...
Very thankful to Adelaide City Libraries and Autism SA for such a wonderful opportunity.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Mappa Mundi @ AGSA

If you are a teen...or have some teens, log them on!

Neo Home Game at the Art Gallery of South Australia is a super exciting online program of teen talks, creative online labs, and their first ever teen exhibition, all in celebration of the South Australian Living Artists Festival“Mappa Mundi” (Napkin of the World) is an online conversation and workshop that shares stories of roads we’ve walked, favourite places, memories and moments of living in Adelaide.

Check out the event here!

Sunday, March 29, 2020


At the age of 26, Beethoven noticed a buzzing sound in his ears. 
Five years later he had lost 60% of his hearing. 
Experiments in how to create music without sound....

Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Coracle

The Coracle

Why is your Mum making a boat?

Sometimes we don’t realise we are grieving. I wake up, I pack the lunches, I send them off to school, I go to work, I make pie, I sleep….I make pie, we sleep,  we weave. 
I make pie, the way my mum taught me and it is almost as good as talking to her. It is the same with weaving. 

In the late desert afternoon, the minyma pampa call, kungka, can you finish my tjanpi? My mara are sore. We work side-by-side. We tell each other stories without speaking the words. 

This is my story, my grandmothers and my great grandmothers. It is a gift from my uncles and aunties. It is the memories and unspoken folklore of family strength and melancholia.