Sunday, July 15, 2012

Illustration Friday - Lost

After thinking a bit more about last weeks illustration "SUSPEND", I decided that Dog must of done something real bad to make Cat SUSPEND him up in a tree with her SUSPENDer belt (This is my story anyway...I love how people read different things into the same piece of work). So this week the game is back on and Dog is looking for payback!

The other thing is that the dog character I draw often is based on Mimi, the Jack Russell my sister had when we were kids. Mimi was a girl and somehow without realising it, along the way this character has become male (don't ask me how that happened...I swear it was an accident). Now I face the conundrum of renaming the character, as "Mimi" is possibly an inappropriate name for a boy dog. So for now they are "Cat" and "Dog".


  1. Aww! Poor cat looks so sad! I just love those pink tiles, and all the patterns you chose. The dog is hilarious - I love that bag over the shoulder as he makes his getaway. (Hmm. Mimi could be Jimmie. Or Moe or Mick or Miles. Or Milt. It's a tough one!)

  2. haha, cute! this could go on forever....

  3. Hi, Claire,
    Oh, not too bad this dog?
    well, well, never mind, you drew it too sweet
    I saw your picture / photo of the previous week, and I really like. congratulations!

    1. Thanks Roberto. I think maybe you're right, it's a bit too sweet...I think it's the calm before the two seconds that Cat will be after Dog with avengence.

  4. This cat no longer be cool without shades!

  5. What can you expect5 - dogs and cats never get along! I love this one. The background is so vibrant and the characters are too. A bit Lauren Childs?
    Maybe Dog could be called Maxi?

  6. Cat really does look lost already. your Dog has always seemed like a BERT to me! i adore the house decor!

  7. Ooh, payback! I love all the little details - the shower tiles, the stuff "dog" is stealing, "cat" still dripping, etc. I'm no help with what to name the rivals. We have a real-life cat currently known as Kat.

  8. Hi, Claire!
    Love the characters! Great photoshop work!
    Thank you for the comment about my clay medals! and sorry I could not answer before... I wanted to let you know that in a couple of months I'll have more clay creations available. If you want, I'll sent you a message when i'll be ready to post them.