Monday, August 27, 2012

Illustration Friday - Tall

Despite being afraid of heights my whole life, somehow at the age of 14 I learnt to stilt-walk. And as I've mentioned before, being slightly paranoid about being labelled "shortest in my class" throughout my entire school days it was fun to be really TALL for a while. But the day I fell from stilts that doubled my height ended by career as as stilt-walker. I'd scared myself enough to never get up on them again!

Me (left) and my sister (age 14 approx.)


  1. Hi Claire, at 14 one is encouraged to all sorts of dangers ha ha!
    now you have the experience and you can tell, not bad.
    also you can draw it very well, you know how it feels to be up there :))))))))
    At the first moment I saw the picture, I thought: "how original, a fashion show on stilts!" I swear! :)))))

    How your character makes me laugh near the top of the eucalyptus, ha ha,
    have a good week!!

  2. Great story...and illo (love the shadow addition, it works well.)...I say get up on the stilts again was probably those mad girls beating tin cans that made you fall off last time!

  3. Ha ha You make me laugh, Claire!
    I do not sell my drawings!!!!!
    But if you send me your address, I will gladly send one as a gift OK?
    But I warn you they are very small in size, I do not think it serves for you to hang on the wall as decoration :(((((((((

    1. Oooo! Now I am even more intrigued. I will email you my adress. Thanks Roberto.

  4. Wow! How cool! I wish stilts had been an option for me at 14, as I was also very short! (At 5'2" I suppose I still am....) Love the illustration - the sort of teetering walk! And especially the shadow!!!

  5. Very cool, I'll probably be too scared to even try that :D

  6. He looks like he's having so much fun up there in the trees! Great illo and I love reading your stories. I had stilts when I was little, but I traded them for a comic book...not a great trade, but I guess I wasn't too interested in being tall!

  7. Your write-up was a rollercoaster. First I was like wow! You learned to walk on stilts? Then I was like, omg, you fell off the stilts! Eek. If I could even get onto the things, I would be the falling sort. :)

    Love the stiltwalker, so fun and silly! Beautiful job with his shadow in the photo!

  8. Oh yes, I thought about stilts too. They are perfect to show TALL. I love how you combine the drawing and the photograph.

  9. Lovely illustration, and I love the story behind it :) It is so wonderful that you have tried stilt walking - and have a photo of it! :)

  10. People on stilts have always fascinated me. Great idea and love your story too.

  11. Claire, I think is one of my favs of yours. Love the mood and the shadow. BRAVO!

  12. Wow! That's something I've never thought of trying (I have enough trouble just walking on the ground without tripping over...). Very adventurous of you! Love the background behind your very tall stilt walker too - just makes me want to drive over the mountains and keep on driving... ;)