Friday, October 19, 2012

Illustration Friday - Water

 I'm late!! But with the crazy week I've had I thought I should end it with a bit of fun! 

I left The Husband, still hospital bound in Adelaide on Monday to return home to the desert with the two little boys. Travelling with a friend, two flights later we landed at Ayres Rock and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon by the pool drinking cocktails.

Tuesday morning we woke up, did the big shop and headed for long 4WD ride home through the desert. An hour down the road just as I was closing my eyes for a snooze (no I wasn't driving!), they popped back open to the hard breaking of the car and black smoke coming out of the bonnet. Children and bottles of water were thrown out of the car. Within minutes we had the fire out but now we were stuck 3 hours from home with no mobile access and no satellite phone. We had a long wait!

We always have to call in when we start off on the journey but with small kids who get car sick and like to stop for a run around, I knew they would give us extra time before they started worrying about us. I estimated we had at least a six hour wait. 

Eight hours later, just as it was getting dark, fire lit, eating cornflakes for dinner and discussing sleeping in the car with the kids came! I thought I would cry, it wasn't till that moment I realised how scared I had been!


  1. Oh My!!! Living in England, where you are never far from anywhere the thought of this scares the hell out of me! So glad you are all okay! You are a brave lady, I can't imagine living anywhere desert related. Love the humour in you image, so sweet, and such a contrast to your real life story! x

  2. The water angels have saved the day!!! Good idea!Glad you're OK now!

  3. Wow!!! What a story! How scary! Glad to hear you were rescued, even if it was after 8 hours!!!! Yikes!!!
    Super-cute illustration! Love the energy and fun here! And their flowered shirts are so stylish! (You always have the hippest characters in your pieces!!) By the way - I had no idea that's where rain came from! ;)

  4. Oh scary! I'm so happy it came out well in the your water angels!

  5. That is so scary! I really can't imagine how you manage to live so far away from anything. Hope your husband comes home soon.
    The little water angels are beautiful.

  6. Holy cow what a story! Did the kids think of it as an adventure? The illustration certainly looks like fun! And I love those fairies with the watering cans, so adorable!