Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Illustration Friday - Explore

I should explain that when I started to draw this I incorrectly remembered the saying "Keep one's eyes peeled" as "Keep one eye peeled"!


  1. Haha, what a contraption! So fun! I like how some bits overlap the frame. Jonah and Hugo are stylin!

  2. It seems to be a great adventure!
    I love how you put your picture on a photo!
    and moreover, the shadow! very well done!
    I congratulate you, Claire!

  3. With those big eyes, I doubt they will miss anything...eyes for detail ;)

  4. Really cute, Claire! I love their one eye.

  5. Great idea!
    I haven't been very active on IF recently as to much else is going on, so I missed all your fantastic illustrations.

    Sorry to hear about your mum.

  6. Haha...It shows great character to admit the secret 'error' behind these one eyed guys....I do that sort of thing all the time and tell everyone it was deliberate.

  7. Now THAT is a cool vehicle!! I, too, love the shadow!
    I also remember it as "keep one eye peeled!" I always thought it meant you don't have to pay FULL attention, but still be this case, them only having one eye and all, I guess they'd better pay full attention!