Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Illustration Friday - Whisper


  1. Hi, Claire, I love this collage!
    I love the idea you've had from Whisper
    Congratulations, you're an artist with a wide range of work
    you can do a drawing as a child of 5 years or excellent work like this.
    and that, is priceless (reminds picasso)
    Have a nice week!!!!!! :)

    1. Oh Roberto! I am glad you like it...when I was making it I was thinking...I think Roberto is going to like this one. You and my other IF friends remind me of how when you are working alongside other artists you are inspired to be better.

  2. So... you have a lot to whisper about. I like the way you did this. It looks kind of clumsy but it goes very deep!

  3. Love this! I could totally see it as an editorial piece, accompanying an article in a magazine about the hazards of gossip or secrets in the workplace!

  4. Eeek, those two faces are a bit alarming! Very cool expression of the topic!

  5. Oh, I like that!! I always love to see something truly original. The words between the lips and the ear are perfect!!

  6. Great, Claire. You always try to get a different angle of the themes - like I TRY to do.