Friday, May 17, 2013

Illustration Friday - The Future

This is late but I have been travelling again the last few weeks and missed a couple of IF's...I had to get back into it!  I really liked this theme and I had been thinking about it all week. So... I had to finish what I started. Now I have six days to think about "liquid"!


  1. Same here. No time to draw but a lot of thinking about that word Future. You say, don't look back. I'll try to do that, because thinking about the future makes me sad. I think of all the things that will be no more. :( Your collage is very hopeful.

  2. With two right hands this girl mustn't look back or she will resent the surgeon who got her left hand op mixed up with someone in for a right hand one. At least shes ambidextrous now. Unless she was a leftie of course :)

  3. Hi. Claire!
    forever. always, I love your collages :)
    I agree with you, do not look back. I wrote something about that in my last post.
    everything repeats itself, why then look back?
    tomorrow is the answer! haha :)))

  4. Very cool! I think she must be in the cave of the past, about to leave it behind and embark on the future! Hooray! And let's do "Liquid" this week, I am behind on IF too. :)

  5. Great collage, love the contrast between the dark and light. :)