Thursday, June 6, 2013

Illustration Friday - Sweet, Tension, Liquid

 Life has paused the IF run the last few weeks so this week I'm doing the IF Trifecta!!




  1. Wow, that's an impressive come back! All 3 very strong images! I like Tension very much. The real threads are funny and functional and it's such a great idea. Being bound, pulling and wriggling and that gives more and more tension, in the minds and in the threads. Bye!

  2. Hi, Claire, is impressive, to see the three work together!
    I love them! if I had to choose one, do not know what would be, they are all good
    I congratulate you.
    (I'll send you my address, do you remember ;) Ha Ha!!
    see you!!! :))))

  3. It's an IF hat trick!!! (Sorry - have ice hockey on the brain with the Boston Bruins doing so well in the playoffs!) Claire, you've nailed each one!!! They are all so edgy, and chic! I, too, love the addition of the real string, and the tangled application works perfectly with the positions of the figures. And the expressions in SWEET and LIQUID are perfect!!!

  4. Cool trifecta Claire! I feel sorry for that guy at the top...the woman look horrible!!!...He probably deserved it though! :)

  5. I agree with everyone above! Well done, pulling not one but three IF's together for our viewing pleasure is quite a feat. I think all three are excellent but I especially like the tension one too.

  6. I love your take on sweet, I imagine it would have stood out with the other If offerings for that week! :) I am also loving your use of wool for Tension, I can really feel it, just by looking at it, brilliant! :) Hmm liquid lunch, my favourite kind of lunch, although if I'm honest, not something I can really handle! ;)