Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Illustration Friday - Lush

A MONTH without Illustration Friday!!! Terrible...but I am back! A few weeks travelling and nowhere near a scanner. I actually prepared myself for this and bought a portable scanner but I was so in awe of it's compact size I failed to research how easy it would be to use! Hopeless!! 

Anyway...so this week I came in contact with a reliable scanner and so I have happily scanned this week's LUSH and the previous few weeks happy travelling doodles. Some I did with Jonah (6yrs) who is getting more and more critical of my drawing abilities but then, that's all part of the challenge!

For IF "Rescue"

For IF "Power" (of love !)

A circus - just for fun!


  1. Hi Claire, I'm glad to hear and see! from you. Are you still on the road? The co-production with son is super! I like the circus very much! Did you see the cards we (Roberto, Rossichka, Celine, Stefanie and I ) made? They are also group works. Amazing that it becomes a whole.
    Your power is very powerful too! And funny! Electricity, bzzzz, spark spark
    Bye, Hedwig

  2. Love the take on these...The power one is very symbolic!!Wow the rescue scene and the circus done with Jonah...obviously takes after you!!!

  3. Hi, Claire!
    Wonderful to see you back through your art, and your child's art
    this what you do with he is very good for him, not all children have a mother artist to share their creativity with ihm. I congratulate you!
    check this out, you'll like:


  4. Fantastic, Claire. I LOVE the one your did for Rescue. So clever and cute. And Lush is funny. Hope you had fun travels.

  5. Love your Lush illustration, and the pieces you have created with Jonah are so delightful, they really marry together and have such a great energy and story telling! I love those plug sockets too, so clever! :)

  6. wonderful:) my favorite is "Power"(of love):)

  7. Cats working for the fire department! Genius!

  8. The plug and socket Power-Love is funnier than heck. My favorite.
    Sorry I missed that Lush party. Looks like a good one.

  9. I missed you, Claire! But "LUSH" shows, despite your absence here, you still have your edge! Love it!!! I feel like that's a cool waterfall-oasis of alcohol, and after the past few weeks I've had, I really want to go there!!!

    As always, I ADORE your collaborations!! Jonah is a fabulous partner! I especially LOVE the hula hooping girl in the circus scene. My company makes hula hoops & it is one of my favorite ways to exercise, so I think of that girl as me!!! :)