Thursday, November 23, 2017

Challa Gardens Primary School

Every Friday, I jump in my car and head to the other side of town to the amazing Challa Gardens Primary School where they greet you like a celebrity and treat you like one of the family. At the beginning of the year with council funding we embarked on, "The Stobie Pole Project". I was given strict instructions from the ever smiling principal that the poles were to be entirely the kids work...from the design to the final product. The kids have been champions the whole way. They've brainstormed, shared ideas, argued, collaborated, challenged each other, developed designs, negotiated and charmed the neighbours, while colouring the surrounding streets of their school with totems of who they are as people, what they love learning about, where they are going and what they dream of. We inspire each other and they remind me every Friday the thrill of being an artist. We have two weeks to finish and then we are inviting all their friends and families to the end of year "Stobie Pole Parade"!

P.S Stobie is the pet name for power line poles in South Australia. 

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