Saturday, March 31, 2012

Illustration Friday - Return

Inspired by Elvis Presley's "Return to Sender" - here's my answer to Illustration Friday's theme of "Return". It's also a bit of a trip down memory lane. When we were kids we were big letter writers. Letters to friends, family and school girl crushes were big productions. Being a girl I've had to reverse the sexes from the original song lyrics for the artwork but I've HAD to include the vintage Elvis clip for your enjoyment!


  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It was my first take on the keyword as well. This is my first IF post and I decided to stick to more personal experiences. Hope I can keep it up. I really Iike yours as it is exactly what my letters used to look like. Very nice!

  2. Thanks for responding. I think your submittals for IF are very cool and FUN! looking forwarding to sharing and seeing more of yours. your place also sounds interesting and I will definitiely look you up to see what's happening!

  3. Great take on the theme! (She will be quite disappointed!)