Thursday, March 20, 2014

They Draw and Cook - Illustrated Recipe Party

Just submitted for with my friend Casey. Cooking in the desert is always fun because we have a very small shop with limited ingredients. But this always is part of the challenge to out cook each other. On the day the Beetroot Triplicity began it had rained so hard we couldn't leave town as planned. The cupboard was bare ...except for a can of beetroot, beef and biltong.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Wonderful, rich, colorful background and the characters are so FUN!!!! Each compliments the other! I had meant to participate in this contest, but alas, yet another thing I never got to! :(

  2. Hi Claire, centuries without knowing of you!!!
    The color of the beetrootes is one of the most beautiful colors of the products of the vegetable garden (at least, I do really like)
    I love your recipe. Magic in the desert, haha!! Have a nice weekend!!!

  3. Makin' me hungry! But wait... what's beetroot??