Sunday, July 20, 2014


So it's been foreeeevveeer! Sometimes life and the "real job" takes over and there never seems any time to take a breath and get it all out on paper. But this week I was having a mental day at work where nothing was been achieved anyway. I manage an art centre so it seemed only right I practise what I preach and throw some paint around to get it all out. Also, I had made a deal earlier in the year with the artists. They needed a challenge, so I said if they tried painting a portrait (something they've never done before) I would do it too. They had done theres and I hadn't...probably cause I was secretly more terrified than they were! Painting is not something I really ever do but you know it was very therapeutic and when you're in a rut I'll try anything to get inspired!


  1. Hi Claire nice to see you again!!! And actually, to see your beautiful self portrait!!!! Hey its a very good work! congratulations!!!

  2. Amazing painting! Makes me want to go throw some colour myself (& sometimes i do if & when I ever get time...) Definitely can relate to your post.. trying to start drawing & posting more... if I can just find more time?!