Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 1 Artists Retreat - Illustration Friday "Sharp"

It is holiday time and I have taken up residency in my dad's house while he is away in Belgium. He lives in amongst the trees where solitude is found. He has stocked the fridge full of all my favourites - brie and strawberries and other delicacies. It is cold... a very different kind of cold from the sunny winter of the desert. In the morning I lay sleeping late under piles of doonas and the electric blanket. Now, mid-afternoon it already seems to be getting dark and the doona and I have moved to the couch where we are surround by paper and scribbles. This will be I think the pattern of my days. Waking and dreaming, creating and reading and watching the birds through the big glass windows that circle the house. 


  1. Hey, Claire, lookin' Sharp! We DO think alike. Your poster reminds me of the 80s. Very hip!

  2. Unusual inspiration from sewing patterns or pantyhose packets?

  3. Sounds Lovely! And I too dig that 80's vibe you have going in the illustration!