Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 4 Artist Retreat - Train Detective

When we were kids we would play car detective. We would climb onto the roof of the house and watch the street, our notebooks in hand. We would record every car that drove up and down the street and all the important details to go with it - car rego, colour, what direction, who was driving etc....just in case a crime was later committed on the street and we could pass our findings onto the police. Possibly we had been reading too many Famous Five books! 

So today with a 2 hour round trip on the train to visit my grandmother I played Train Detective. I was only caught once by a tight-lipped mother who glared at me, grabbed her daughter and moved seats. I actually wanted to offer the girl some paper and pen so she could play too. 

The moustache man is for my friend Sassy who made this little handmade notebook for me. She is always giving them to me but they are so beautiful I am afraid to draw in them. She has told me off severely so I can now tell her I am busy drawing in her books. This one has moustaches all over the cover.

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  1. I think the "aerosol" sign suggests you should be transferring from your notebook to stensils beautifying the train interior